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Custom solution engineering, extensive on-site testing, made in the USA, and unparalleled 5-year extensive warranty on all Thor built products help make Thor a leader in global telecom fiber optic engineering. We develop custom solutions for fiber and broadcast applications, including Video Over IP, RF Over Fiber and Video Over Fiber, and focus on helping clients to best determine exactly what they need and which are the most efficient and cost effective solutions to their information technology needs.

At Thor we thrive on the eagerness of our engineers unique ability to solve, educate, and produce state of the art production of high end products at exceptional prices. Keeping all production, staff, and sales in-house gives Thor the ability for the consumer to contact the sales staff and engineers at all times, instilling a customer satisfaction unmatched in the new age of fiber optic telecommunications. Constant integration and dwelling on the fringes of innovation of fiber technology allows Thor to continually perpetuate a product, solution, and support team that will ensure your needs are vehemently met.

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Thor Fiber is focused on excellence in Telecommunication engineering. While we will always offer our clients out of the box systems and necessities of fiber, Thor engineers are devoted to finding new and innovative techniques to adapt, integrate, design, and build custom solutions for all of your signal transport or conversion needs using fiber. In this constantly evolving tech age world of telecommunications of digital video there are numerous signal types that need to be converted from one format to another in order to be transported, broadcast, or displayed. What sets Thor apart in the world of fiber suppliers is that we are here to analyze, discuss and produce a product that is distinctly for you without ever having to sacrifice quality. We test every fiber component before shipment in our state of the art facility for 48-144 hours ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability.

Thor is a leader in worldwide customer satisfaction on the merit of producing the highest echelon fiber products, which graciously include a minimum 5-year full warranty on anything shipped from our facility. Manufacturing custom equipment, solutions, engineering and design ensures we provide our clients top quality fiber optic long and short distance transport solutions, fiber optic modems, converters, and media converters for the following signals:

Our fiber optic equipment is engineered to use different colors of light to carry multiple signals on the same fiber. With fiber optics we can process a tumultuous amount of signals on a single fiber providing the end user a simple and convenient solution to transport their audio/video signal. Up to 60 different colored lasers are available with each laser carrying up to a 10 Gigabit signal. This technique is known as wavelength division multiplexing. When used with a larger number of light colors it is known as either Course or Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM, CWDM, or DWDM). Using WDM, CWDM and DWDM multiplexing techniques we provide our fiber optic solutions to:

  • Cable TV Industry
  • Broadcasters
  • TV Stations ,Radio Stations, Private television
  • Security Providers
  • Satellite Companies
  • Stelite Teleports
  • Goverment
  • Traffic monitoring and other logistic companies
  • Educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities, laboratories)
  • WAN and municipal LAN networks
  • Video Over Fiber
  • Ethernet Over Fiber, Network Over Fiber
  • multiplexing over single fiber
  • Bi-directional communication over 1 fiber
  • singlemodeo to multimode conversion

Thor Fiber develops, manufactures, and markets high-performance hardware and software for the television broadcast industry. Our products help broadcasters, cable, satellite, and IPTV operators around the world competitively deliver more content with higher quality and at a lower cost. This is made possible through the sweeping adoption of new digital technology by the television industry worldwide, which is bringing exceptional image definition, thousands of channels, rich graphics and interactive content.

Our customers are major telecommunication leaders such as, Comcast Cable, Cox Communications, Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable, Insight Communications, Cable One, Cablevision and Disney. That has positioned Thor Fiber among the top fiber optic technology providers worldwide.

Fiber optic technology has been constantly changing and Thor Fiber’s goal is to continue to provide the fiber optic solutions and services needed for a better tomorrow.


Consumer based applications that necessitate the use of players, external components, and digital signage are becoming increasingly popular as businesses begin to allocate customizable data into a QAM channel. Hence the new prerogative of HDMI to RF is now inherently a popular go to for internal marketing and signage. The demand of adding menu’s and streaming content from a PC or Blu-Ray is easily handled by devices such as an Encoder Modulator that will allow you to transmit such information on an internal RF network that is being fed by an encoder. Such a popular demand is being met by Thor Fiber with their line of QAM-IP chassis that can easily manipulate the channel mapping of your devices being fed from the HDMI encoder modulator that has an RF output. New engineering concepts have allowed companies like Thor Fiber to map consecutive channels on one RF frequency. In the case that you only have one open QAM frequency available on your TV Channel lineup, you can still put more than one carrier on that frequency. For example these units will allow you to put menu’s on channel 2.1 and the happy hour special on 2.2, this mapping helps alleviate confusion among employees who need to physically walk up to the TV sets and manually change the channel you are trying to locate. Pragmatic applications are generally part of the day to day routine for managers and owners who are reluctant to play with advanced technology. Inherently these modulator’s make switching content a breeze, all you need to do is change the content on your PC software that is streaming the Happy Hour menu. Theoretically most restaurants change their menu’s daily, so why not change the menu on a fixed component like TV instead of using a massive chalk board or white board advertising. Using common software on any PC, once your happy hour specials are completed, the encoder will automatically see the new information streaming off your PC and immediately broadcast that information over your entire RF infrastructure already in place throughout your building. Being progressive in today’s environment is no longer a challenge with unique equipment that aids everyone in projecting a more professional image of themselves on TV’s instead of smaller cut out menu’s that need to be distributed to hospitality employees daily, eliminating the need to print expensive menu additions daily. Save your employees time and your company money by utilizing a thriving technology that lets any owner become a professional media advertiser over their digital signs. You as the owner are now empowered by catchy media advertisement that no longer needs to be a stagnant logo. Using software from Apple or Windows, you can create media slideshows, mini-commercials, short video presentations, and offer your clients a unique view of how you want to portray your business. Flashy short videos of bartenders creating exotic drinks for 30 seconds followed by a 2 minute view of the specials of the day creates a picturesque portrayal of not only your amazing special but also the creation of a cocktail so the consumer already knows what their getting before they get it. Creating content that sells itself takes less pressure off your sales/wait staff that is already slammed with tables because you’re now the cool bar on the block.

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We aim high at being focused on building relationships with our clients and community. Working together on the daily requires each individual to let the greater good of the team’s work surface above their own ego.

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F-SAT-PHONE Iridium Network Satallite Phone Repeater Systems

The Iridium satellite network is an incredibly useful tool for global communications. We offer solutions for using your Iridium based satellite phone indoors or in non line of site locations such as ships, vehicles, or hangars. Typical implementations include an outdoor antenna for transmitting and receiving the signal from the satellite, an L-Band amplifier to distribute the signal, and an indoor antenna array for redistribution of the Iridium satellite signal indoors or wherever coverage is needed. If necessary we can implement optical links to distribute the RF satellite signal over fiber optic cable from either the outdoor or indoor antennas. This can increase the link distance as far as necessary, up to 50 miles if needed. No mater what your requirements we can design and implement a system that will fit both your needs and budget.


HDMI to IP, IP to HDMI Video bit rate                                   5M-15M bps Mode of Video digital output            Fix rate/change rate Resolution,                                      VGA,HDMI,component                                                         1024×768@60HZ 1024×768@75HZ 1280×720@60HZ  1440*900@60  1280×1024@60                                                         1920*1080@50I  1920*1080/59.94HZ  1920*1080/60HZ

H-HDMI-QAM-IP HDMI Video to QAM Agile Modulator with HDCP and IP Output

The H-HDMI-QAM-IP is a QAM agile modulator used for the insertion of a standard HDMI signal onto a QAM channel for distribution through a Coax network. This modulator features a built in HDCP circuitry to ensure compatibility even with protected sources. This is perfect for digital signage applications. The modulator can be programed for any digital cable channel (2-135) and can be easily viewed by any digital cable ready HDTV or tuner. The H-HDMI-QAM-IP unit offers adjustable amplification of up to 29 dBmV for distribution over an on site broadband cable system. Featuring MPEG-2 true HD encoding at resolutions up to 1080i, the H-HDMI-QAM-IP modulator is perfect for digital signal distribution at sports and entertainment facilities, retail and corporate offices, colleges, schools, and worship centers. The H-HDMI-QAM-IP modulator is ideal for any HDTV broadband signal distribution system.

H-2V-QAM 2 Channel to QAM Multiplexing Transcoder

The H-2V-QAM is a duel channel QAM modulator and digital multiplexer. This unit is able to multiplex two separate MPEG2 streams onto a single QAM. Our unit is one of the world first multiplexing hybrid QAM modulators. The H-2V-QAM unit is able to multiplex two standard MPEG-2 transport streams onto a single QAM. If the video is not encoded we offer encoding solution modules for various inputs. We offer different options depending on the input required. TheH-2V-QAM is availible with an ATSC/QAM input tuner, a DVB-ASI input module, analog NTSC inputs, or an IP transport stream input depending on your needs. The H-2V-QAM features two input bays. Video input from the two modules enters the main chassis where the MPEG program is filtered, multiplexed, and groomed. The two output program streams may be sent to the QAM modulator or be exported via ASI output. With the ability to multiplex two inputs onto a single QAM the H-2V-QAM is truely a unique piece of equipment.

H-12ASI-IP 12 Channel DVB-ASI to IP Ethernet Gateway

The H-12ASI-IP Gateway is designed to carry up to twelve standard ASI transport streams over a gigabit Ethernet IP network. The unit can function as an IP stream transmitter, converting the ASI MPEG-2 transport stream into an IP stream for transport to multiple network locations. The IP transport stream can also be multi-cast to many different locations and devices.  The signals can even be broadcast to computers running MPEG stream capture software. The H-12ASI-IP can also be paired with the H-IP-12ASI allowing seamless transport of the ASI signals over the IP network.

H-ASI-E1 DVB-ASI Over 4 E1 Transmitter

The H-ASI-E1 ASI to E1 adapter is designed to carry a DVB-ASI transport stream over 4 standard 2 megabit E1 links. This unit makes it possible to transmit a digital TV program signal through a telecom network. This is possible by combining the 4 separate E1 lines into a single pipe for the ASI transport stream. This is useful for TV broadcast signal transport applications where an existing telecom network is present.