F-2QAMTC Combined Decoder and QAM Modulator

F-2QAMTC Combined Decoder and QAM Modulator

The F-2QAMTC is a high quality digital head end encoder/modulator that tunes and demodulates MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 encoded VSB or QAM modulated signals from off air broadcast or CATV sources. The unit can also be configured to accept an ASI input source. After error correction, it remodulates and up converts the recovered MPEG transport stream onto a new QAM modulated output channel. The Standard F-2QAMTC ships with two tuner / demodulator's. The output of the F-2QAMTC consists of a QAM modulator with an agile RF up converter with an output of up to 61 dBmv that tunes from 54 to 1002 MHz.  The F-2QAMTC functions as a digital channel processor.  It is capable of receiving an ATSC, DVB, or DigiCipher® II input signal on any channel in the CATV or broadcast spectrum in 8vsb, 16vsb, or 16QAM to 256QAM modulation and modulating as a DVB or DigiCipher® II QAM signal. The unit then applies the appropriate forward error correction to the received input stream, drops and adds null packets as required by the selected output bit rate, perform PCR correction, and re-encodes with the appropriate output FEC for the modulation chosen. The QAM output signal is then up converted to the new RF output channel using our high performance low noise circuitry.  The F-QAMTC is fully controllable via Head end Remote Control software for remote programming of operating parameters or remote monitoring of operations.  With the optional ASI input module, one of the inputs may be delivered via an MPEG-2 transport stream compatible ASI input.


 •  Front panel backlit display and buttons allow easy setup and monitoring of operating mode and parameters.
 •  High output, 61 dBmV, agile QAM modulator and upconverter are built in, operating up to 1024QAM.
 •  RS232 serial interface provides for remote control programming and monitoring.
 •  A wide range equalizer suppresses multipath effects on ATSC signals.
 •  Off-air ATSC mode incorporates a NTSC co-channel rejection filter.
 •  Major channel number pass through or remarking to RF output channel is selectable.
 •  Operates in a fixed output clock mode and processes null packets when required
 •  PSIP options include several modes of operation.
 •  Rewriting of the MPEG tables is provided when two input streams are multiplexed.
 •  PCR restamping is performed when necessary.
 •  61 dBmV QAM low phase noise output is agile on CATV or broadcast channels from 54 to 1002 MHz.
 •  High MER output signal quality.
 •  1U tall package with internal power supply conserves rack space.
 •  Manufactured in the USA.


Demodulator Input(s)                       Applies to both tuner/demodulators, if so equipped.
Input Frequency Range:                       54 - 864 MHz.Off-air channels 2-69, CATV channels 2-135.
Menu Selectable Channel Plans:         Standard CATV, HRC, IRC or Broadcast.
Input Channel Bandwidth:               6 MHz.
Input RF Level Range:                       -28 dBmV to +30 dBmV.
Minimum Input Level per Mode:       8VSB: -28 dBmV, 16VSB: -25 dBmV, 64QAM: -20 dBmV, 256QAM: -15dBmV.
Maximum Input Power:                       Not to exceed -16 dBm.
Input Impedance:                               75 Ohms with Return Loss typically 8 dB.
Noise Figure:                                       Less than 12 dB.
Image Rejection:                               60 dB.
Adjacent Channel Rejection:               40 dB.
Demodulation Modes:                       ATSC: 8VSB or 16VSB
                                                           ITU-A: 16QAM, 32QAM, 64QAM, 128QAM, or 256QAM.
                                                           ITU-B: 64QAM or 256QAM.
Symbol Rates:                                   Commonly used presets and user programmable.
Equalizer Span:                               -6 µS to +40 µS.

ASI Input

Optional Module:                                270 Mbps with desired transport stream of 10.76 MS/s, 19.37 Mbps
Null Packet Processing                        Available in the fixed output clock mode.

QAM Modulator

Modulation Modes:                               16QAM, 32QAM, 64QAM, 128QAM, 256QAM, 512QAM, or 1024QAM.
Symbol Rate:                                       1 Ms/S to 7 Ms/S.
Forward Error Correction (FEC):        ITU-A (DVB) or ITU-B (DigiCipher® II).
I/Q Phase Error:                                Less than 1 degree.
Carrier Suppression:                        45 dB.
Channel Amplitude Error:                Less than 1dB.
MER:                                                Greater than 38 dB with blind equalizer.

Analog EAS IF Input

Input Impedance:                               75 Ohms.
Operating Input Level:                      +30 dBmV ±5 dB @ 45.75 MHz.
Auto Switching Level:                      +20 dBmV minimum.

RF Output

Output Frequency Range               54 MHz to 1002 MHz.
Channel Plan:                                       Standard CATV, HRC, IRC or Broadcast.
Frequency Stability:                       ±5 ppm.
Maximum Output Level:                    +61 dBmV minimum, adjustable downward.
Minimum Output Level:                      +45 dBmV.
Output Level Accuracy:                      ±1 dB.
Output Impedance:                              75 Ohms with return loss better than 14 dB (within output filter passband).
Spurious Outputs:                              -60 dBc from 40 MHz to 1000 MHz.
Broadband Noise:                             Less than -12 dBmV (6 MHz bandwidth @ ±12 MHz).
Phase Noise:                                      -101 dBc @ 10 kHz offset.

RS232 Control

Data Link:                                      2400, 4800, 9600, or 19,200 baud interface via serial cable
RS232 Input:                                      DB9 connector for connection to modem or PC
RS232 Output:                              DB9 connector for connection to additional units


Power:                                              90-132 VAC, 60 Hz, 40 W (all options installed).
Weight:                                               7 lbs. (3.2 Kg.)
Size:                                              19" (48.3 cm) W x 1.75" (4.45 cm) H x 11.5" (29.2 cm) D
Operating Temperature:                       0º C (32º F) to 50º C (122º F)