F-E1T1 fiber converters

The F-E1T1  fiber converters allow extension of a single T1 or E1 RJ45  / RJ48c 100ohms port over multi-mode or single-mode   fiber . The standard interface for fiber optics is the SC/APC connector.  T1 interface can be framed or unframed. The fiber converter is totally transparent to the T1 signal. Applications include extension of smart-jacks over fiber, PBX interconnection or T1/E1 transport .
T1/E1 fiber modem provide synchronous, full duplex, half duplex, or simplex data transmission at 1.544 Mbps (T1) and 2.048 Mbps (E1), at distances up to 120 km with fully transparent operation. This product  supports ANSI T1.403, AT&T TR54016 and AT&T TR62411 T1 standards, and CCITT G.703, G.824, G.955 E1 standards. Several different configurations are offered to accommodate a wide variety of fiber optic needs.

Product features
 •  Extends T1 /E1 up to 120Km
 •  Single or dulal fiber transmision
 •  Multiple T1/E1
 •  WDM option to achieve single fiber bi-directional transmission
 •  Multi-communications transmitting wavelength and power optional



Optical feature

Operating wavelength(nm)               850nm or 1310nm or 1550nm or CWDM
Receiver Sensitivity(dBm)                -30
Transmiter Power                             -3dBm              
Optical connector                             SC/APC
T1/E1 iterface

Protocol                                           AMI or B8ZS (synchronous)  
Data Rate                                       1.544 Mbps (T1) / 2.048 Mbps (E1) 
Operation                                        Full duplex, Simplex  
Error Rate                                       Better than 10 to the minus 12th 
Electrical Connector                       RJ45/RJ48 port with DCE/DTE switch to eliminate the need for a crossover cable.

Digital Interface                              F240x (T1) ANSI T1.403, AT&T TR54016, and TR6241119 standards
                                                       F241x (E1) G.703, G.824, and G.955 standards

General feature

Power supply(V)                              +12
Power consume(W)                          4
Operating temp.(*C℃)                        -20 ~ 65
Storage temp.(*C℃)                           -40 ~ 85
Relative humidity(%)                        5 ~ 95
Size    (mm)                                        130×106×33  (W)×(D)×(H)