F-EDFA Optical Amplifier

F-EDFA  Optical Amplifier

F-EDFA series are CATV optical booster amplifiers for gain spectrum bands within 1540-1565nm. These optical amplifiers are designed for either single channel applications or up to 8 DWDM channels. In most applications, CATV fiber systems operate on a single wavelength with no requirements on gain flatness. The F-EDFA booster amplifier offers low NF with a high saturated output power. The unit features one of the worlds best pump lasers and utilizes OFS erbium doped optical fiber made in America. The unit is designed with heat dissipation and ventilation in mind to ensure a long operational life. A front panel LCD indicates unit status and has a warning alarm, automatically switching off the pump laser when no input is detected. The F-EDFA also features RS-232 and SNMP via RJ45 for remote management and managment.  With so many features the F-EDFA series amplifiers offer high reliability and performance for any system 
integration project.     

Product features

 •  1540~1563nm operating bandwidth
 •  Low noise, high output, high reliability
 •  APC, ACC, ATC controlled selection (HA5100/P)
 •  Powerful RS232 supervisory instruction
 •  Three exterior option: 1U (19” stander), 3D (12.4”, 3U, Desk-type) and modulator
 •  1U and 3D exterior, offering status appearance and diagnosing fault with LCD
 •  standard RS232 --communication interface, SNMP network management function
 •  Application of 3D models to adapt to laboratory
 •  Excellent P/P ratio
Main application

 •  Digital CATV
 •  DBS & MMDS
 •  FTTP
 •  FTTx PON
 •  Laboratory application

F-EDFA Optical Amplifier


Performance                                           Index

Optic feature

Operation Wavelength range(nm)           1540-1563
Input power(dBm)                                    -10 ~ +10 (Typ +3)
Maximim output power(1)(dBm)              +10 ~ +26
Output power adjustable range(dBm)      -6 ~ 0
Number of output ports                              1 ~ 8  SC/APC , 1 ~16 LC/APC
Difference of each output power(dB)       -0.5 ~ +0.5
Noise figure (Pin=0dBm)    (dB)                   6.3
Polarization dependence loss    (dB)               0.3
Polarization dependence gain    (dB)               0.4
Polarization mode dispersion(ps)             0.5
Input/output isolation(dB)                         30
Pump power leakage(dBm)                     -30
Echo loss(dB)                                           55
General feature

SNMP network management interface     RJ45
Communication interface                  RS232
Power supply(V)                                      90 ~265VAC, -48VDC, +24VDC
Power Consume(W)                                50
Work temp.(*C℃)                                        -5 ~ 65
Storage temp.(*C℃)                                    -40 ~ 80
Operating relative humidity(%)                 5  ~ 95
Size (W)×(D)×(H)(")                                 19×14.5×1.75 - 1RU (19”)
                                                                 12.4×15.4×5.25 - 3D (12.4”, desk-type)
                                                                 15.7×9.6×6.5 - Out-door

(1)-Output power can be customized by user.