F-HDMI HDMI Over Fiber Transmitter and Reciever

F-HDMI   HDMI Over Fiber Transmitter and Reciever
The F-HDMI transmitter and reciever pair are used to carry HDMI video signals over longer distances. These units make long distance transportation of HDMI video over fiber easy. An HDMI signal connected to the F-HDMI transmitter is converted to an optical signal for transmission over a fiber optic cable. The F-HDMI reciever then receives the optical signal and converts it back to HDMI video. Fiber optic cables can transport signals to incredible distances, up to 50 miles for single mode fiber. HDMI video cables are expensive and have a very limited range, typically less than 50 ft. Longer runs of HDMI cables also experience significant distortion of the signal. The F-HDMI system allows a user to transport full uncompressed HDMI video at 1080i/1080p with up to 8 incorporated audio signals over a simple and inexpensive fiber optic cable. A simple passive DVI to HDMI adapter can also be used to transport DVI signals over the fiber. The receiver also features two outputs, adding to the versatility of this system. The F-HDMI offer an excellent solution for moving an HDMI signal from one place to another.


 •  Simple to read input and output signal indicators
 •  Supports HDTV resolutions up to 1080p
 •  Supports computer display resolution up to 1920/1200@60Hz
 •  Transmission distances of up to 50 miles possible with single mode fiber
 •  Easy setup with Plug and Play interfaces
 •  Supports DVI and VGA signals through an HDMI adapter

F-HDMI HDMI Over Fiber Transmitter and Reciever


【 Vedio parameter 】

Resolution                                   Up 720p,1080i,1080p 800*600 to 1920*1200
Interface                                      Support HDMI interface, with HDCP function

  【 Audio parameter 】

Working mode                            Un-balance( (stereo))
Input/output impedance              10k/50 Ohms( (stereo))
Max. input/output power level     5 dBu/4Vpp( (stereo))
Characteristic of frequency         20Hz ~~20kHz @ -3dB
Signal noise ratio((wighted))          >70dB @ 1k Hz((stereo))
interface                                      3.5

  【 Physcial parameter】

Dimension((mm) )                          H×W×D 170*100*35
Power supply(Max.)                       12VDC @ 1.5A
Working temperature                   0 ~ ~+50 centidegree
Relative humidity                         0 ~~95% non-condense

Optical parameter

Selection of optical fiber              conicide with IEEE802.3zin in 1000BASE_LX 
                                                     of optical fiber connecton criterion
Input optical wavelehgth              1310nm
Rate of emission                          --9.5~-3dBm rate of emission for the balance optical @850nm
Optical received sensitivity          -23dBm balance optical rate @850nm
Output optical modulation           180μW
Intput optical modulation             <15μW
Relative speed                            -116 DB/Hz
Return wave loss                        <10 dB
Rate of transmission cde            240M Hz~1.65G Hz
Distance of transmission               1m~~500m for multimode optical,1m~~20km for single mode optical
Physical dimension(LxWxH)        160*110*40cm
  【 Performance parameter 】

Optical fiber mode                     Single mode
Quantity of optical fiber              4
Interface of optical fiber             SC