F-KBAND 25 GHz Wide Band Fiber Optic Transceiver

F-KBAND  25 GHz Wide Band Fiber Optic Transceiver

The F-KBAND series wide band laser transceivers are designed for enabling a high linearity optical link for RF over fiber in the K-BAND up to 25 GHz.  The unit can also be used as a repeater for extending the transmission distance of a 30 Gb/s link.  The F-KBAND incorporates a broadband optical transmitter and linear receiver into a compact rack mounted unit.  The F-KBAND can be used for carrying almost any type of RF modulated signals such as RF over Fiber (RFoG), satellite/IF link, WiMax optical link, microwave over fiber, and mobile signals in fiber.  The unit uses a lithium-niobate external modulator to convert input microwave/RF signals to optical waveforms from a frequency range of 100 kHz up to 25 GHz.  The F-KBAND maintains excellent gain flatness over a wide frequency range due to a very narrow line width DFB laser.  Transmission distances of up to 50 miles are possible using singlemode optical fiber.

Product features
 • Useful Bandwidth up to 20 GHz
 • Highly Linear for Analog Transmission
 • Low RIN, Narrow Linewidth DFB Laser
 • Broadband LiNbO3 Modulator
 • High Power Linear PIN reciever
 • Optional RF amplifier to enhance gain



Transmitter Specifications
Operating Wavelength 1550 nm ± 10 nm, ITU
wavelength available
Optical Output Level +6 dBm, +8 dBm,
+15 dBm (w/ Internal EDFA)
Optical Return Loss 50 dB typ.
Linewidth (FWHM) 1 MHz max.
Side Mode Suppression 50 dB typ.
Relative Intensity Noise (RIN) -145 dB/Hz max.
Impedance 50
Frequency Response ±0.5 dB in any 1GHz
Flatness bandwidth
VSWR 2.0 : 1 max.
Input Damage Level 25 dBm max.
Reciever Optical Specifications
Operating Wavelength 1250 nm to 1650 nm
Optical Input Level +30 mW
Repsonsitivity 0.85 A/W @ 1550 nm typ.
Group Delay ±7.0 ps
Optical Return Loss -30.00 dB typ.
2nd Harmonics Distortion -70.0 dBc max.
3rd Harmonics Distortion -75.0 dBc max.
Useful Bandwidth 100 kHz to 25 GHz
S21 6 dB Bandwidth 20 GHz min., 22 GHz typ.
S22 Characteristics < -10 dB to 10 GHz typ.
Output Coupling AC Coupled
RF Impedence 50
Ripple over Bandwidth ±1.0 dB
Sensitivity -19 dBm