F-OS optical switch

The F-OS optical switch is used for system redundancy and backup. With the use of an optical switch, a redundant signal can be routed to an active path in the event of a fault.  The F-OS optical switch features low insertion loss which is typically  0.6dB. The unit offers three types of switching 1x2, 2x1, or 2x2. The remote switching ability is very useful for managed systems. A front panel LCD provides system status and provides a means of programing the switch. The F-OS can also be dynamically configured for CADM and OXC systems.

Product features
 •  High frequency monitoring resolution.
 •  Standard RS232 communication interface
 •  Integrated SNMP network management function.
 •  The switch mode is automatic or manual.
 •  Switch reference level can be set through front panel or Internet.

F-OS optical switch


Performance                            Index

Work wavelength                     1260~1360nm, 1510~1610nm, 1310nm
Input power range                    -30 ~ -20dBm, -10 ~ +10dBm, +10 ~ +30dBm
Total insertion loss                   2.0dB
Switch loss                               <1.0dB(type,≤0.8dB)
Splitter loss                              <0.5dB
Connector loss                        <0.5dB
Echo loss                             55 dB
Polarization dependent loss     0.1dB
Repeatability                             ≤± 0.02dB
Switch time                             10ms
Voltage                                     135~250 VAC
Optical connector                      FC/APC & SC/APC
Transmission power              500mW
Casing Size                             19×1.75×14.2"