F-RF-1310TX RF Copper (45-885Mhz) to Fiber Converter / Transmitter

F-RF-1310TX RF Copper (45-885Mhz) to Fiber Converter / Transmitter 

The F-RF-1310TX transmitter is used to transmit RF cable TV signals (45-870MHz) over a fiber optic cable. By converting the RF band to an optical signal the transmission distance can be increased to over 50 miles. The F-RF-1310TX features an easy to read front panel LCD screen that displays relative operating status and fault information. The unit implements a high linearity DFB laser, and features built in pre-distortion adjustment circuity. Our RF transmitter units feature dual power supplies for added fault protection. All operating parameters of the F-RF-1310TX series transmitters are designed for high reliability and suitable for even the most high end applications.

Product Features : (CATV RF over fiber)

 •  Dual Module RF driver, high efficiency laser pre-distortion adjustment.
 •  Full-automatic OMI control, AGC & MGC
        -Under AGC status, input level is between 78~88dBuV, and system index is optimum.
        -Under MGC status, input range can be adjusted between 75~90dBuV by the ATT on front panel.
 •  Front panel has 20 grade OMI status display (Modulation Depth).
        -Under AGC status, within RF range, OMI is always at NOM status.
        -Under MGC status, OMI can be at NOM status by adjusting ATT.
 •  Built-in dual backup power supplies automatically switch when fault is detected.
 •  Case temperature is auto-controled to ensure the long life of the laser.
 •  Case temperature is monitored and controlled by microprocessor. 
 •  Dual RF input port.
         - AM interface   =   Input 59 routes PAL-D (47-550MHz)
         - Digital interface (-10dB)   =   Input digital video (550-750MHz).

F-RF-1310TX RF Copper (45-885Mhz) to Fiber Converter / Transmitter


Performance                 Index                                       

Optic  feature    

Wavelengt (nm)                   1310±10     
Output power (mW)                   4~24     
Return loss (dB)    ≥               >55     
Optical fiber connector           SC/APC             Optional FC/APC

RF feature    

Work bandwidth (MHz)           45-862     
Input level (dBmV)                   15~25                AGC
Flatness    (dB)    ≤                       <±0.75             45~862MHz
Return loss (dB)                   >16                     45~750MHz
Input impedance (OhmΩ)           75                     RF/INPUT
RF interface                        F type             Optional imperial 

Link feature    

Transmit channel                PAL-D/60CH     NTSC/80CH
CNR (dB)    ≥                       >52                    10Km optical fiber, 0dBm receive
CTB     (dB)    ≤                               <-70     
CSO (dB)    ≤                       <-63     

General feature    

Network management 
 interface                                RJ45, RS232      Support I.E. & SNMP
Power supply    (V)                   90~265VAC       -48VDC optional(30~60VDC)
Power Consume (W)    ≤       <50                       Single power works
Work temp.    (*C℃)                   -5~65               Machine temp. control automatically
Storage temp.    (*C℃)                   -40~85     
Operating relative 
humidity    (%)                           5~95     
Size (")                                  19×14.25×1.75     (W)x(D)x(H)