F-RF-RX Optical CATV RF Reciever with Dual Internal Redundancy

F-RF-RX Optical CATV RF Reciever with Dual Internal Redundancy 

The F-RF-RX is used for receiving RF cable TV signals (45-870MHz) that are transmitted over an optical fiber. The unit can receive optical signals in either the 1310nm or the 1550nm bands. Designed to work well with the F-RF-TX units, the F-RF-RX are built with two optical receivers as well as two power supplies. When one power supply becomes too warm the unit will automatically switch to the second power supply. The second optical receiver adds further redundancy and system reliability. The F-RF-RX features an easy to read front panel LCD screen that displays relative operating status and fault information. All operating parameters of the F-RF-RX series receivers are designed for high reliability and suitable fore even the most high end applications.

Product features

  •  Optical Automatic Gate Control (AGC)
  •  Able to recieve optical signals in either 1310nm or 1550nm bands.
  •  All working parameters controlled by a microprocessor and displayed on screen\
  •  Dual optical recievers with automatic swtiching
  •  Dual power supply backup with automatic switching.
  •  Easy to read RF parameters displayed on LCD screen

F-RF-RX Optical CATV RF Reciever with Dual Internal Redundancy


Performance                                   Index 

Optic feature 

Laser wavelength (nm)                   1310 / 1550  
Output power (dBm)                        -5~+3 
Working mode                                 Optical AGC  
Echo loss(RL) (dB)                          ≥>55 
Optical fiber connector                    SC/APC           FC/APC

RF feature 

Work bandwidth (MHz)                   45~862  
Output level (dBμV)                          96                     113 
Flatness  (dB)  ≤                               <±0.5  
Output level adjustable  (dB)          0~20(MGC)  
Reflect loss (dB) ≥                            >16(750MHz)  
Output impedance (ΩOhm)               75  

Link feature 

Test channel                                   PAL-D/60ch  
CNR (dB) ≥                                       >52(10Km fiber, -1dBm receive)  
CTB (dB) ≤                                        <-70  
CSO (dB)                                        <-63  

General feature 

Power supply (V)                             90~265VAC(-48VDC selectable) 
Network management interface       RJ45, RS232(Support I.E. & SNMP)  
Power Consume (W) ≤                       <50(single power work)  
Work temp (℃*C)                                -5~65(Machine temp. control automatically) 
Storage temp (℃*C)                            -40~85 
Relative humidity (%)                       5~95  
Size (")                                             19×10×1.75 ((W)x(D)x(H))