F-SAT-PHONE Iridium Network Satallite Phone Repeater Systems

F-SAT-PHONE   Iridium Network Satallite Phone Repeater Systems
The Iridium satellite network is an incredibly useful tool for global communications. We offer solutions for using your Iridium based satellite phone indoors or in non line of site locations such as ships, vehicles, or hangars. Typical implementations include an outdoor antenna for transmitting and receiving the signal from the satellite, an L-Band amplifier to distribute the signal, and an indoor antenna array for redistribution of the Iridium satellite signal indoors or wherever coverage is needed. If necessary we can implement optical links to distribute the RF satellite signal over fiber optic cable from either the outdoor or indoor antennas. This can increase the link distance as far as necessary, up to 50 miles if needed. No mater what your requirements we can design and implement a system that will fit both your needs and budget.

Product features

  •  Extend the range of any satellite network coverage into non line of sight locations
  •  Optional implementation of fiber optic links to further increase range of coverage

F-SAT-PHONE Iridium Network Satallite Phone Repeater Systems


Performance                 Index                                       

Optic  feature    

Wavelengt (nm)                   1310~1563     
Linewidth    (MHz)                      <1                       FWHM
Side mode suppression 
ratio    (dB)                                 >45                     SMSR
Extinction ratio(dB)                 >20                     XP
Equivalent noise 
intensity(dB/Hz)                     <-160                  RIN (20~1000MHz)
Output power (mW)                   6                         Optional 3, 10 
Return loss (dB)    ≥               >55     
Optical fiber connector           SC/APC             Optional FC/APC

RF feature    

Frequency Range (Mhz)           1616 - 1626.5     
Signal Bandwidth (Mhz)         10.5 MHz
Flatness    (dB)    ≤                       <±0.75             
Return loss (dB)                   >16                     
Input impedance (OhmΩ)           75