F-SEC FIber Optic Video Audio Data Seciurity and Monitoring transport

F-SEC  FIber Optic Video Audio Data Seciurity and Monitoring transport

At Thor Fiber we carry a whole line of products for the fiber opic security industry.  We've worked with hundreds of clients over the past decade to find custom solutions in video over fiber applications.  From problems ranging to hundreds of singals needing to be transported to one location, to Ethneret and Video over fiber.  

We are specialists in Wavelength Division Multiplexing.  When you have a complex problem that can't be solved with an "out of the box" solution we can help explain what you need.  Any signal transport of Video Over Fiber, RS-232 Over Fiber, or Ethernet Over Fiber can be solved by our engineers.  Contact us today if you would like us to suggest a solution to your signal transport needs.  

Here is some information on our popular Video Over Fiber units for composite video over fiber.

F-SEC Video Over Fiber Features

 1 - 64 channels 
● 10-bit digital encoding non-compressed video transmission
● Support availible for all high-resolution video signals
● Units availible for PAL, NTSC and SECAM video systems
 Real time monitoring of power supply unit with fault alarm
● Constant strength high output laser that operates on a large dynamic range 
● Weather hardend for tempuratures ranging from -40℃ to 85℃ makes it sutible for remote installations
● Hot-swap ability allows installation without rebooting other equipment
● Rack Mount solutions availible for large channel units in chassis standards 1U/2U/2.5U/4U .

● Intelligent Video Transportation System
● Connecting Sub-networks for Surveillance Centers
● Public Security Surveillance
● High Way & Toll Station Surveillance
● High Quality Video Conference
● Industrial Closed Circuit Television Surveillance
● Transmitting Live TV with audio 

F-SEC  FIber Optic Video Audio Data Seciurity and Monitoring transport