H-4SD-H264-E Standard Definition 4 Channel H264 IP Video Encoder Module

H-4SD-H264-E Standard Definition 4 Channel H264 IP Video Encoder Module

The H-4SD-H264-E is a 4 channel standard definition encoder that utilizes encoding based on the MPEG-4 / H264 Algorithm. Encoding based on this technique can be more than twice as efficient as encoding based on MPEG-2. Our unit features 4 input channels that are provided in the form of 4 CVBS inputs with BNC connectors for video and 8 audio inputs with RCA connectors. This encoder adopts the most advanced technology with a state of the art embedded clock correction circuit which improves image quality for signals with a low bit rate. The encoder offers output in either a DVB-ASI transport stream or an IP UDP stream for transport over an IP based Ethernet network. The H-4SD-H264-E is the perfect solution for all of your Broadcast quality digital encoding needs. This is a very useful unit for reducing the equipment  needed for your older standard definition programs.

Product Features

  •  LCD disply that is flexible in operation
  •  Support for IP unicast and multicast network broadcast
  •  DVD quality over IP networks 
  •  transmits video and audio encoded signals with a minimum bandwidth of 0.8-1.5Mbps,
  •  Supports local and remote network control as well as network upgrade
  •  Embedded analog composite video with dual sound and stereo input
  •  Variable PCR re-correcting 
  •  Input video format (PAL / NTSC) with adaptive selection
  •  Built-in time base correction and video pre-processing
  •  PID modifying and PSI/SI generating

H-4SD-H264-E Standard Definition 4 Channel H264 IP Video Encoder Module


Analog Interface

Composite Video Inputs:                 2 composite inputs, one for each program
Composite Video Input Level:         1 Volt p-p +/- 3 dB
S-Video Inputs:                         2 S-Video connectors, one for each program
Composite or S-Video select:         User selectable for each program input
Audio Inputs, for 2 programs:         RCA type for L and R audio channels, 2 sets
Audio Input Level:                         1 V rms or 2 V rms max, user selectable
User adjustable audio gain:         +/- 15 dB

MPEG Encoder

Encoder Formats – Input 1:              MPEG2 or MPEG4 H.264, selectable
Encode Format – Input 2:                 MPEG2 only

Note: Each encoder module has two sets of inputs marked 1 and 2. Number 1 input from all installed modules will appear as odd-numbered encoders in the EH24 menu. Likewise, number 2 SDE24 inputs will correspond to even-numbered encoders in the EH24 menu. The number 2 inputs/even numbered encoders cannot be set to encode MPEG4/H.264.

Encoding Bitrate:                         Constant Bitrate 1 Mbps to 8 Mbps
Encoding Resolution:                 720x480 (Standard Definition)
Video Adjustments:                         Brightness, Contrast, Saturation & Hue
Audio Encoding format:                 Dolby AC-3
Output:                                         The output of each SDE24 module is connected                                                                                                                                                                                                .                                                    internally to the EH24 or MEQ1000 Encoder Host bus
Latency SD, 480i, MPEG2:         Typically 50 mS
Latency SD, 480i, MPEG4:         Typically 100 mS