H-8ASI-MUX 8 Channel DBV-ASI Multiplexer

H-8ASI-MUX  8 Channel DBV-ASI Multiplexer
The H-8ASI-MUX is an ASI transport stream multiplexer for up to 8 inputs. The unit takes the 8 ASI inputs and multiplexes them onto a single ASI output. The output is a DVB-ASI Multi Program Transport Stream (MPTS). The H-8ASI-MUX has an easy to read LCD display for easy configuration and status. The unit also offers an Ethernet port for remote management and monitoring. The H-8ASI-MUX has the ability to insert Electronic Programing Guide (EPG) information and offers Conditional Access (CA).  Featuring auto generation of PSI/SI information, re-mapping of PID, service filtering, and editing of PSI/SI information. The H-8ASI-MUX is an ideal solution for digital TV Broadcasters who need to multiplex multiple transport streams onto a single DVB-ASI output.

 •  Fully complies with ISO13818 and EN300468
 •  Support for MPEG-2 TS re-multiplexing
 •  Provides 8 ASI input ports
 •  One Multiplexed ASI output with a maximum code rate of up to 150Mbps
 •  Automatically supports PCR correction
 •  Support for program sorting
 •  Support for SDT table reflection
 •  Generates PSI/SI information
 •  Supports PCR correction and PID re-reflection
 •  Extracts PSI/SI information from any route of SPTS/MTPS inputs
 •  Supports cascading connections between multiple pieces of equipment.
 •  Local and Remote network management support

H-8ASI-MUX 8 Channel DBV-ASI Multiplexer


Input Interface
ASI                                    8 ASI Input Ports (Maximum 216Mbps/Route)

Re-Multiplexing               MPEG-2 input TS stream re-multiplexing
                                          PID Remapping
                                          PCR Correction
                                          Automatically Generates PSI/SI Table
Output Interface
ASI                                    One Multiplexed Output Port (1x2 ASI out, one as mirror)
Ethernet Port                   10/100Mbps NMS Ethernet Port
Dimension                        44mm x 482mm x 360mm
Environment                    0 - 45 C (operation)    -20 - 80 C (Storage)
Power                               220VAC, 50Hz, 25W