H-ASI-E1 DVB-ASI Over 4 E1 Transmitter

H-ASI-E1   DVB-ASI Over 4 E1 Transmitter

The H-ASI-E1 ASI to E1 adapter is designed to carry a DVB-ASI transport stream over 4 standard 2 megabit E1 links. This unit makes it possible to transmit a digital TV program signal through a telecom network. This is possible by combining the 4 separate E1 lines into a single pipe for the ASI transport stream. This is useful for TV broadcast signal transport applications where an existing telecom network is present.


 •  Fully Complies with G.703 standard
 •  Supports the two-way adaption of E1 and MPEG-2 TS
 •  Supports FEC and RS ECC
 •  Supports the Speed/Burst self-adaption of ASI
 •  Supports NMS

H-ASI-E1   DVB-ASI Over 4 E1 Transmitter



Input                                        4×E1,, BNC interface,, 75ΩOhm
                                                2×ASI,, BNC interface,, 75OhmΩ
NMS interface                         1×IP, ,RJ45 interface,,  10/100M self-adaption
Output                                     2×ASI,, BNC interface,, 75ΩOhm
                                                4×E1, BNC interface,, 75OhmΩ

NMS control                            DSNMS software

Dimension                               483mm x 350mm x 44mm
Wight                                       6kg
Power Level                            90~~264V

Power consumption                 10.5W
Work temperature                    0℃~*C~45℃*C
Relative humidity                     10~~90%