H-GPS Time and Frequency GPS Clock

H-GPS Time and Frequency GPS Clock

The H-GPS is a high performance GPS clock used for highly accurate time and frequency signals. A GPS Clock is a combination of a GPS receiver and a high quality, stable oscillator. GPS is used to calibrate the oscillator to remove small biases in the frequency. The GPS Clock can synchronize both system timing and transceiver frequency, and is virtually fail-safe. It generates timing signals whenever there is power, and never needs to be re-calibrated. This is useful in any application where accuracy and stability are required. The H-GPS is popular in digital timecoding applications for media broadcast as well as in military and scientific applications.

Product Features

  •  12 channel parallel GPS tracking system
  •  4x10MHZ sine wave outputs and up to 4x 1pps TTL outputs
  •  Web managment server with real time remote control and diagnostics
  •  accuracy of time signal < 50ns


Technical Specifications

OUTPUTS                            10MHz frequency reference

 Accuracy:                            < 2E-12(typ.)  gps lock in average 24 hours
                                             <3E-10(typ.).  gps unlock in average 24 hours
Short Term Stability :           100ms < 5E-11
                                             1s    <1E-11
                                             10S   <3E-11
 Temperature Stability:         ±2E-8 over -20°C - +70°C  Amplitude:  (10±2)dBm, 
                                             sine wave output
 Conntecter:                         BNC,75ohm

1PPS time reference

 Accuracy:                           16us gps lock after 24 hours
                                            4us gps lock after 4 hours
 Short Term Stability:          <  50ns

 Amplitude:                          TTL Level
 Connector:                          BNC,75ohm

GPS Antenna

 Connecter:                          SMA,50ohm
 L1 frequency                       1575MHz C/A code 12 parallel tracking channels

 GPS Position:                      Latitude,Longitude,Altitude

 Oven OCXO Oscillator        < 2E-10

Phase Noise                        < -85 dBc/Hz @ 1Hz
                                             < -115dBc/Hz @10Hz
                                             < -134dBc/Hz @100Hz
                                             < -140dBc/Hz @1kHz
                                             < - 145dBc/Hz @10KHz

                                            < 2E -8  with 10 minutes
                                            < 3E -10 with 30 minutes
                                            < 2E -11 with 5 hours
                                            < 2E-12 with 24 hours
                                            Front Panel control for local operation. 
                                            LCD display and led display
                                            WEB Interface: Ethernet 10/100Base-T, 
                                            SNMP management
                                            RS232 print TOD and alarm information
Power Supply:                     AC 90-260V  50/60Hz
 Power consumption:           20 W
 Operating temperature:       -10-50°C
 Storage temperature:          -10-75°C
 Dimensions:                        400mm(L)X 483mm(W)X 44mm(H)(1RU)
 Weight:                               3.5kg