H-IP-12ASI 12 Channel IP Ethernet to DVB-ASI Gateway

H-IP-12ASI 12 Channel IP Ethernet to DVB-ASI Gateway

The H-IP-12ASI is an IP network to 12 channel ASI Gateway.  It allows users to recover up to 12 DVB-ASI transport streams sent over an IP network from an ASI to IP gateway such as the H-12ASI-IP.  The unit uses sophisticated processing to ensure synchronized audio and video content and accurately transfers the Program Clock Reference (PCR) to the output transport stream.  The H-IP-12ASI can accurately and seamlessly receive up to 12 ASI transport streams carried over an IP network.  The versatility of IP networks makes the H-12ASI-IP and H-IP-12ASI pair an excellent solution for transporting DVB-ASI signals from one location to another.  This IP reciever is designed to work with other ASI over IP units that we carry.


 •  Supports IP to ASI one-way conversion
 •  Supports double GE ports, and inputs 1Gps data
 •  Supports UDP, unicast and multicast mode, and 1GMP V2/V3
 •  Supports 12 ASI output channel, and each channel has two ASI ( the same data) interfaces
 •  The maximum conversion channel of IP to ASI is 12
 •  maximum bit-rate in each channel is 96Mbps, the maximum total bit-rate is 840Mbps
 •  Supports to eliminate the IP transport shake, and can correctly restore the PCR of TS stream
 •  Keyboard and NMS operation



Input Two 1000M network serial input interfaces, RJ45 interface
Output 12 ASI output, and each channel has two BNC interfaces
Transfer protocol
Input TS over UDP,unicast and multicast
Output DVB-ASI
Bit-rate Max of each channel is 96Mbps
Max total bit-rate is 800Mbps
Dimension (WxLxH) 482mm×410mm×44mm
Weight 4kg
Temperature 0~45℃(working ),-20~80℃(storage)
Power supply 100~240VAC,50/60Hz
Power consumption 20W