H-RF-SWITCH 2x1 redundant RF 5 - 1000Mhz Switch

H-RF-SWITCH   2x1 redundant RF 5 - 1000Mhz Switch

An RF switch is used for signal distribution redundancy or for remote RF switching. Our RF Switch has two inputs and a single output. One of the inputs acts as the primary channel while the second is used for fallover protection. When the switch detects that the incoming RF to the primary channel has dropped below a set reference level the unit will immediately switch to the backup channel. The unit can also be switched manually by either its front control panel or remotely via SNMP or RS-232. Our unit features full remote management for setting system parameters an system monitoring.


Product feature
High resolution of RF monitor
Standard RS232 communication interface
Integrate SNMP network management function.
The switch mode is automatic or manual.
Switch reference level can be set through front panel or Internet.
Main application
CATV RF switching, redundancy backups.
RF control system.

H-RF-SWITCH 2x1 redundant RF 5 - 1000Mhz Switch


Operating bandwidth(MHz)           5 ~1000
Input level range     (dBμV)                50~130
Control level range     (dBμV)         60~120
Resolving capability     (dB)           ≤0.5
Switch mode                                       AGC & MGC
Switch time     (ms)                           ≤10
Insertion loss(dB)                           0.5
Flatness     (dB)                           ≤0.5
Return loss(dB)                               ≥16
Impedance     (Ω)                                75
RF connector                                F-female
Serial interface                               RS232
SNMP Network management         RJ45
Power supply     (V)                     95~250VAC , Optional -48VDC(30~60VDC)
Power consume     (W) ;                 10
Operating temp.     (C)                    5~65
Storage temp.     (C)                    -40~85
Relative humidity     (%)                    5~95
Size     (")                                     19×10.5×1.75(W)×(D)×(H)