H-USB-ASI USB to MPEG TS over ASI Adapter

H-USB-ASI   USB to MPEG TS over ASI Adapter

The H-USB-ASI adapter unit is an external USB to MPEG-2 ASI transport stream adapter. With this unit you can generate a DVB-ASI transport stream output from any USB equipped notebook or desktop PC. The H-USB-ASI can be used with any computer program that generates an MPEG-2 ASI output. This is an essential tool for every digital TV engineer. The H-USB-ASI unit is an ideal tool for testing and troubleshooting any ASI signal distribution system. This functions as an external USB video adapter for your computer.


  •  Programmable bitrate 0-216Mbps with Steps 1bytes per Sec. in High stability oscillator
  •  Support for continuous mode or burst mode in transmitter channel.
  •  Support for low BER in long distance,because it include input equalizer
  •  PCR jitter management ,automatic Null packet insertion
  •  Connect multiple USB adapters to a single PC or Notebook,To create multiple ASI outputs
  •  Dual 16Mbytss high buffers to compensate for USB and PC software latency


Transport Processing
Transmit Bitrate:                           216Mbps
Transmit bitrate stability:              ±2.5ppm
Packet size                                  188 - 204
Lvds Amplitude                            800mV ±10%
Connector:                                   BNC, Impedence 75ohm
Transmit bitrate resolution:          < 8bit/s
PCR Maximum jitter                     74ns
Maximum rising/falling time         < 1.2 ns
Current consumption                   420mA
Compatibility USB:                      USB1.1  USB2.0
Dimensions:                               154mm( L)X 98mm(W)X 24mm(H)
Operating temperature               -10~50°C
Storage temperature                  -10~75°C